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Latest Events

60.Miami Boatshow 2017

59.The Lamborghini Boat in Poker Run Tampa 2014

58.MTI racing team taking home a Victory in Charlot 2014

57.Gasse MTI 50 Race boat in Miami Poker Run 2013

56.Testing out Skater 48 with 1350s

55.Unveling of the new SV42 Center Console on the Miami Boat Show. See you there!

54.MTI Boats in Key West 2012

53.Elling and Gasse Team Winning World Championship Unlimited Class in Key West 2012

52.Testing out the new Goldfish 50 Ocean

51.Elling goes Princess 70

50.Bergen Poker Run 2012

49.MTI Boats in Miami Poker Run 2012

48.MTI Boats Winning World Championship Key West 2011

47.MTI, Donzi and Outerlimits in Key West Poker Run 2011

46.Driving in Arendal Poker Run 2011 

45.Technological data on the BMW Z4 748 hp

44.BMW Z4 748 HP Extreme. 0-60 mph under 3 sek

43.MTI and Outerlimits in action

42.Testing of 40 MTI

41.Miami Vice Donzi

40.Red and white MTI 48 in action

39.Driving MTI 48 boat down to Key West Yacht Club

38.MTI stand at the Miami Boat show 2011

37.Donzi boats at the Miami Boats show 2011

36.CRC team in World Championship in Key West 2010

35.Test of Hammertime MTI 44

34.MTI and Donzi driving in Poker Run to Key West

33.Driving 38 ZR with Donzi friends down to Key West 2010

32.The new 48 MTI race and pleasure boats with 2 x 1350 hp Mercury Racing Turbo Power

31.MTI 48 CMS with 1350 hp Mercury Racing Turbo Power

30.See how you can run your MTI pleasure/race cat

29.Vi Menn nr 5 in sale now with Stabæk football team to Strømstad

28.Dag Høili and Elling Wirum drives MTI boat on Tv 3s Program Norges Rike

27.Marine Technology inc. Miami boat show 2010, interview with Randy Scism

26.Elling på TV 2 snakker om forsikring

25.MTI 44 Mercedes going 193 mph

24.MTI 48 cruising 156 mph in Miami Poker Run 2010

23.MTI 48 vs Skater in drag race

22.Bladerunner Sport 2x300 hk for sale now

21.Elling and Tor driving down to Key West with MTI 40

20.MTI racing team winning race in World Championship Superboat Unlimited in Key West nov 09

19.Speed and Pleasure

18.Vi Menn reportasje

17.Speed Racer boat trip in Norway

16.MTI 48 test drive

15.Boats for sale

15. Speed Race in Skagerak Across

14.Prisutdeling Skagerak Across

13.Test drive Outerlimits SL with 2x700 merc

12.MTI 44 turbin 2X1800 test drive

11.Speed Racer driving in 110 knot in Oslofjorden

10.Winning Skagerak Across

9.Elling tilbyr event tur i 200 km

8.Sandefjorsteam i nytt rekordforsøk

7.Elling og Bjørn Hansen fra Sandefjord ble vinner

6.Nytt rekordforsøk over Skagerrak

5.Team Ugland winning with a MTI boat

4.Nordens Tøffeste båtrace

3.Raskere enn danskebåten

2.Klarte ikke fartsrekorden:

1.Bergen Pokerrun

Del denne siden med andre!

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